Denver Nipple Reduction

Denver Nipple Reduction

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What is a “nipple reduction”?

A nipple reduction is a surgical breast procedure used to improve the appearance of the nipples, chest and breasts. Some people may think of “the nipple” as both the nipple and the areola. A nipple reduction procedure only affects the part that projects away from the chest and not the areola. The pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple is the areola. Nipple reductions reduce and reshape just the nipple.  A nipple reduction is permanent.
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Why consider nipple reduction?

Sometimes nipples are enlarged simply due to genetics or develop after childbirth and breastfeeding. Large nipples are noticeable both when nude and when clothed and can affect men and womens’ private and public appearance. While a nipple reduction is a relatively minor procedure, people who wish to reduce their nipple size often gain self confidence by improving the look of their chest area. 

When are nipple reductions performed?

Nipple reductions are minor procedures that may  be performed when convenient in Dr. Morris Ritz’s office. Nipple reduction may also be done along with major surgery procedures including breast lifts, breast reduction, and breast enlargement surgery. Nipple reduction is not a medical necessity. Typically, insurance companies do not cover the cost of nipple reductions because it is not deemed a medical requirement.

Where are nipple reduction procedures completed?

Nipple reduction surgery is usually done on an out-patient basis in Dr. Morris Ritz’s office. Local anesthesia is generally adequate and the process takes about one hour.  Recovery is very fast and patients often are back to their regular lives in one or two days. Little or no scarring is likely. The sensitivity of the patient’s nipple and breast is usually not affected. A women’s ability to breast feed is usually maintained. Importantly, the new nipples look beautiful!

Critically, having Dr. William Saber, who is a highly qualified, board certified surgeon that specializes in the nipple reduction procedure, is the best way to minimize the risks associated with surgery

Who is a good nipple reduction candidate?

Women and men request nipple reduction surgery. Anyone may become uncomfortable with having nipples that are too long or too wide. If nipples protrude too much for any reason, a nipple reduction procedure may be a good choice.  Women may request a nipple reduction along with other breast enhancement procedures to regain a more youthful appearance after child rearing. Men often request a nipple reduction simply because they are embarrassed by the size of their nipples when clothed or nude.

How are nipple reductions done?

Initially, Dr. Morris Ritz will review options with the patient regarding nipple reduction. Options could include reduction in length, in width, or both. A shorter nipple is usually achieved by removing the tip of the nipple and simply closing it with stitches. Overly wide nipples are made thinner by cutting part out and “taking it in” to reduce the diameter. In some case, both processes are used. Dissolving stitches are usually used so a follow-up visit may not be required. 

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