How To Beat Late-Night Eating and Be successful With Fat Loss

How To Beat Late-Night Eating and Be successful With Fat Loss

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One of the struggles that many people on weight loss diets face is late night eating.  At this point in the day you’re likely looking to wind down and relax, which often means you’d enjoy having something to munch on. Add to the fact that most people spend their weeknight evenings tuning into their favourite TV show or surfing the web and that makes you want to snack even more. While you can certainly have a late night snack in your diet plan if you reduce back on the other calories during the day, it is important that you put a stop to mindless snacking where you aren’t tracking your calorie intake as that’s what will quickly derail any weight loss progress you might be making. Here are a few quick tips for how you can beat late-night eating to make sure you stay on track to weight loss.

Chew Some Gum

One of the simplest ways to beat late-night snacking is to simply chew some gum. If you’re chewing gum you obviously cannot be jamming more food in your mouth, so this will quickly put an end to that snacking. Keep a few different varieties of your favourite sugar-free gum on hand and then be sure that you make good use out of it.Get Active Another simple way to stop the snacking you do at night is to get more active. Rather than retiring to the TV for the night, get outside and go for a walk or join a sports team.  Activity itself tends to kill cravings and as an added benefit, you’ll be burning calories in the process.

Sip Some Tea

A further way to prevent food from going into your mouth is to sip some tea instead.  Tea can have many positive health benefits, particularly if you’re drinking green or white varieties, and they are naturally calorie-free. The hot beverage also soothes many people before going to sleep so you may also find that you rest easier at night by switching from food to tea instead.

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Keep Those Hands Busy

It’s critically important that you keep your hands busy at night if you want to put an end to late night snacking.  If your problem is simple boredom, try starting up a cross-stitch or needlepoint, or have a game of cards with your friends or family. Keeping your hands occupied will help keep your mind off food and should help put a stop to snacking quickly.

Journal About It

Finally, the last way to overcome snacking is to simply journal about it. Make a deal with yourself that if you are going to have a snack, you will write about it in a journal first. List what you are going to eat, how hungry you are, and how you’re feeling at the time. Some people will find that after they have written in their journal about this they no longer have the desire to snack so this is a quick way to get over this problem. By keeping these points in mind you should be able to overcome your late-night snacking tendency.  Remember that it does take a solid week for any new behaviour to become a habit so aim to give it at least that much time. Once you get past that week mark, it’ll get far easier to avoid the snacking altogether .