VPN/VPS – How To Setup VPN Tunnels On Your Windows VPS

VPN/VPS – How To Setup VPN Tunnels On Your Windows VPS

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VPS Hosting is used for many purposes these days as it can function in lots of ways. VPS Hosting is of two types namely Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting. Usually a Windows VPS Hosting is preferred more over Linux as it is more user friendly and is based on GUI (Graphical User Interface). Because a Windows VPS is based on GUI that is why it is more preferable. Windows VPS is also known as Windows Virtual Server as it is a Virtual Server based on Windows.

People use VPN tunnels more on a Windows VPS or a Windows Virtual Server because of the reason mentioned above. So now if you are wondering as to how to set up a VPN on your Windows VPS (Windows Virtual Server) or your Virtuozzo VPS here is some information for you. The following are the steps for setting up your VPN VPS. This can only be done if you have the controlling power over your Virtual Server (Windows VPS) in VPS Hosting.

1. The first thing you have to do is confirm that a module called as Virtuozzo VPS TUN is loaded on your Virtual Server (Windows VPS or Windows Virtual Server). You will have to get the TUN module for your VPN VPS so that you are able to establish your Virtual Server. Check if it there or not by typing Ismod | grep tun. It is there if returns anything. But if it doesn’t then you must enter modprobe tun. It is not that hard to set TUN to be loaded automatically. Now all you have to do is to restart your Virtuozzo and enter service vz restart.

2. As a second step you will have to use the Virtuozzo container management tool so that the framework for virtual tunnel device is set. In this step you will have to type a command – vzctl set 101 – devices c:10:200:rw-save. If you get an error after typing this then another command should be executed – vzctl set 101 – capability net_admin:on-save. All these commands should be executed only with the modules that are trusted.
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3. The third step is to create the device on your Virtual Server or your Windows VPS (Windows Virtual Server) in VPS Hosting. After the module has been created in the earlier step, you will now have to now create the device on your Virtual Server or Windows VPS. You need to run the command – vzctl exec 101 mkdir – p/dev/net in order to create a /dev/net folder. Once done, then run the command vzctl exec 101 mknod / dev/tun c 10 200.4. In this step you have to set proper permissions so as to use your VPN VPS. For this execute the command vzctl exec 101 chmod 600/dev/net/tun. This will give you an access to read and write.

Now software of your choice can be used on your VPN VPS so as to connect to it. It will work the same way a physical machine will work for you.

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